Frequently Asked Questions

What is C-Space?

We are a creative co-working space for only the most passionate filmmakers. Just money and no plan won't get you a seat at C-Space. If you plan to work seriously towards making films, creators of all the 24 film crafts are welcome. Let’s make it big!

Where is C-Space?

Our HQ is at Rd Number 47, Silent Valley Hills, Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad. You can look for us on Maps. It’s a beautiful blue building. From the inside and out!

What is the subscription fee?

IF, and only IF you get through, it’s INR 8000 per month+GST. A small fee for the opportunities that might come your way with us!

Are you a film making school/institute?

No, we do not have any top-down teaching

Can I get a job at C-Space?

We periodically hire to increase the core team. If you think you fit the bill, keep checking our website for when and what we are hiring.

What are the office hours?

Our doors are always open for great creators. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you. You can do your thing. Although, the office support system is available from 10 AM to 5 PM.

How can I get more information about C-Space?

Call us at +91- 8766774769 between 10 AM - 5 PM; alternatively, check us out at C-Space HQ at Jubilee Hills.  Check Maps for directions.

How can I collaborate with C-Space?

fill out the form relevant to you on the website-we'll connect with you soon.

Can i just drop by for a cup of coffee?

No(kidding). In all seriousness, we serve great coffee.

Make me famous. Give me a chance. Show me to the world. Can C-Space help me?

We maintain that this is about filmmaking more than it is about fame, but we can lend you the opportunity to tell your story.

What do we do?

A whole bunch of things actually.


We provide the necessary infrastructure for a thriving filmmaking environment. Come experience it for yourself!

We give ample opportunities for networking and building teams

We enable systematic collaboration with co-creators


We nurture, showcase and manage star talent who are humble, passionate and disruptively creative. We bring rigor and tactical nous to creative production aspects of filmmaking.


We also provide project consulting and agent services for exceptional talent.


We deliver Investment Management services for individuals/ producers looking to finance great films.


We provide consultation on technical products in the evolving global film production landscape.

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